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Welding positioner is always necessary to Welding industry


The development of the technology of the positioner is generally two directions. One is from the quality control of the welding process, such as improving the seam tracking accuracy and so on, from the angle of the welding process to improve the quality of welding. Two is the expansion of the ability to change the machine operations, variable bit machine belongs to this category. Essentially, the displacement machine is the extension of the degree of freedom of the joint of the positioner and the extension of the working space.

The application of the position changing machine makes the operation flexibility of the single machine more powerful, and the size of the welding workpiece is no longer limited by the robot's own operating space. The appearance of the positioner makes up for the limitation of the welding operation in the past. It can be said that the machine has become a niche machine to break its own limitations of the new fulcrum.

For a long time, due to the manufacturing industry level of development difference and correlation of the weak, so far there is no dedicated to study welding variable definition and classification of a machine, so the title and functional classification are also different. To this end, we need to give the welding positioner a professional definition, that is used to drag the workpiece to be welded, so that the welding seam to be welded to the ideal position for welding equipment.

Specifically, welding positioner can by rotary or linear variable movement, the workpiece loading of arbitrary range to be weld, according to the specific needs of welding, change quickly for foot ship welding, welding narihira angle welding and the welding operation, thus changing the may need vertical welding, overhead welding, etc. to ensure the welding quality and the welding operation.