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Design and Manufacturing for anti-drift welding rotator


in fact, welding on the roller frame on the axial dynamic, the weldment itself is in spiral motion, such as to take measures to welding pieces of the left lateral timely change for right-handed or the right-handed change is left, until the weldment will no longer be spiral motion so far. At present, there are three kinds of implementing agencies to complete this task:

(1) top lift actuator

Driven roller frame to the side roller can do lifting movement, so that the welding part axis shift, also make the weldments gravity axis component to change. The regulating mode has the advantages of high sensitivity, high manufacturing cost and large volume.

(2) offset actuator

Follower roller frame on both sides of the roller along the vertical center line to do the same to the offset, in order to change and welding pieces of the wheel axial friction force. This adjustment method has its advantages of high sensitivity, but the biggest drawback is that the wear of the roller is too large.

(3) translational actuator

The two sides roller of the driven roller frame can be vertically moved at the same time as the axial line of the welding piece, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the axial line of the welding parts and the angle between the axes of the rolling wheel. The method has the advantages of good stability, low manufacturing cost, simple structure, and no additional installation space. It is the most convenient and reliable, and the lowest cost, and we usually use this kind of design.