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Development of automation for h beam production line


In the steel production line equipment, four in a row boat submerged arc welding seam steel of this device is completed. Under normal circumstances, a production line should be equipped with 2 sets of SKB-type multi-purpose steel submerged arc welding machine, the two machines are arranged on both sides of the roller conveyor. Welder on a roller conveyor tracks running parallel to the laying of the hydraulic machine flipped flip 45 degrees embodiment submerged arc welding steel.

The steel production line equipment machine has reasonable design, compact structure, novel appearance, applicability, stability, multi-function, high degree of automation. High-tech, high quality welding, the welding automation. Running smoothly, move, stop, fast-line response.

Accurate positioning - Coordinate control. NC command system, the CMM can be moved accurately reach the desired position, both in the production line linkage, the job can be run separately spot welding, continuous welding equipment. For a variety of steel production enterprises.

Wuxi terrestrial Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a series of advanced and practical, to meet the needs of individual users of the wheel frame, automated welding auxiliary equipment, machine operation, plane, variable-bit machine, CNC cutting machine, steel production line.